Guiding Career Transition


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Your Resume – Your Career Advantage

Your resume is a career development tool designed to capture the attention and interest of a potential employer.  A well crafted resume pro-actively tells your story and gives you an opportunity to create a career advantage by standing out from the crowd.



Marketing Collateral that Describes You Unique Value Proposition

Your resume is your marketing collateral; it can serve as both a description and an expression of who you are as a professional. It can reveal what experience, skills, personal qualities, attitudes and values you possess that match the needs of the workplace: Your Unique Value Proposition.



Being Ready for Opportunities

Whether you are initiating a career change, transition, or even currently in your “dream job”, taking the time to prepare and at-the-ready, an up-to-date resume will ensure you will be prepared for opportunities when they come your way.



Our Co-Active Approach to Resumes that Work for You

At Life + Work we utilize a co-active approach to resume development, by engaging you fully in the process and enhancing your capacity to keep your resume up-to-date, relevant and effective.


Whether you are wanting to up-date your resume, tailor it for a new position, or are beginning from “scratch”,

we work with you to create a resume that gets results.



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