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Navigating Career Transition: 3 Tips for the Road

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Something has ended…we are not yet at the new beginning…we are in transition. ┬áCareer transitions are rarely easy, but they are filled with opportunity to reflect, explore, create, rest, anticipate, dream, review, revise and prepare for something new to begin.

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As we travel along the road of any life-career transition, there are some steps we can take to maximize and ease the way:


1) Seek support and talk it out.

Whether we reach out to family and friends, or seek out a professional counselor, therapist, spiritual advisor or support group, talking with someone who will listen can offer release and insight.


2) Honor Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Career and other life transitions can impact us physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually.



Make an effort to do something on a regular basis that requires physical activity.

Take a walk during lunch or engage in a regular workout routine, consider a yoga class or ride your bike. Whatever the activity, find a way to get and keep your body moving.



Honor whatever feelings may emerge about your transition.

In change, and career transition we may experience a mix of feelings: fear, sadness, anger, guilt, confusion, depression, feeling alone.

All of these are very natural emotions during the process.

Explore and take whatever positive steps you can to release emotions before they immobilize you.



Do what you can to keep your mind focused and active.

Engage with your interests: consider picking up a book you have been meaning to read, attend a lecture, take a course, or informally study/practice a topic or skill that brings you enjoyment.



Some people find solace in a spiritual practice.

It may be a formal place and system of religious expression, or a connection to the spiritual self through meditation, journal writing, candlelit baths, walks in nature, painting or caring for pets. Much comfort can be found in connecting with your spirit – remember to take the time to attend to this aspect of your being.


3. Remember to Breathe!

When we are stressed, our muscles tense and our breathing can become shallow. Most of us do not breath deeply enough even when not stressed, so it can enhance our well being for a lifetime by learning and practicing techniques of the breath to help us relax and connect with the fundamentals of being alive.

Search this blog for some of the breathe work techniques that are both simple and effective, including:


Posted by: Susan Jewkes Allen, MSW, GCDF

San Francisco Bay Area Career Counselor, Career Coach at Life + Work