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Guided Imagery: Wise Being

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Guided Imagery: Wise Being

We are, each of us, filled with potential and are meant to thrive and grow into all we can be.

All too often, this sense of potential, the realization of our emergence into our fullest self is difficult to access; we resist, ignore, or defend ourselves and become resigned to our life the way it is.

We experience, what Robert Desoille, a French psychologist, terms, “the repression of the sublime”: a loss of connection, vitality, and sense of meaning when we avoid the “call of Self”.

To fully embrace the possibility, let alone, embark on the journey to follow our greatest gifts and dreams, can bring up feelings, thoughts, limiting beliefs and even physical manifestations of discomfort, confusion and fear.

And yet, when we are called to “hear the sounds of our own voice and heart – to actualize our potential – we must listen.

There are vast stores of wisdom available within us, we just need the tools and the willingness to create the space and build the practice to hear our song.

What follows, is a guided imagery exercise, called “the Wise Being” is from the book Growing Whole by the psychosynthesis practitioner and writer, Molly Young Brown.

Guided Imagery: Wise Being

 Before you Begin

  • Find a place where you can be relaxed and uninterrupted.
  • Be sure to have some paper, writing implement and/or drawing materials.
  • Turn off your phone…and create a “do not disturb” attitude and/or steps to protect your space.
  • Some people find a darkened room or lighting a candle, finding a soothing scent or burning some incense contributes to a sense of relaxation… but none of these are necessary.
  • Find a comfortable place to sit or rest and relax.
  • In this relaxed space, give yourself permission and the intention to invite your imagination to enter and inform your process.

Once you are ready you can use these instructions and/or the audio to guide your journey of imagination.


You can be sitting or lying down.

Let your eyes close, and allow yourself to take some slow gentle breaths.

Inhale slowly and gently exhale.

Allow your breath to enter gently, but deeply. Hold your breath for a moment and then gently and fully exhale…take three or four breaths…slowly inhaling, gently exhaling.

Breathe in to welcome your imagination; breathe out tension, stress and worry.   Connect with your breath and begin to notice what sensations you may be feeling in your body.

Notice your belly and your chest rising and expanding with your breath; contracting and falling, with your exhale.

Notice your body against your chair or at your resting place; you may begin to feel some tingling in your fingers or toes or arms or other parts of your body. Allow this gentle energy sensation to radiate through your entire body melting away any worry or stress.

Allow the sensation of warm energy to run from your fingers up your arms you’re your shoulders and throughout your body – continue to gently inhale and exhale – in and out.

Now imagine that you hold a candle before you in a candleholder. You light the candle and watch the flame flicker and then grow stronger.

Observe the flame for a few moments and notice how it burns stronger and brighter as you watch.

Notice the tiny blue flame at the heart of the larger, yellow flame.

Focus your attention they’re looking deeper and deeper into the heart of this flame until it is all you can see.

In the heart of the tiny blue flame appears the face very kind and very loving being.

Notice the wisdom, kindness and love that radiate from the face and eyes of this being. This wisdom, kindness and love are being offered for you, at this moment.

This being tells you that you may ask it for advice about anything happening in your life or work…any issue or concern you have may be shared.

You may ask about clarity, what your next steps might be, what you should do… you are welcome to ask any question you have and all you need to do is to be receptive to what ever comes in, in whatever form it emerges.

Notice what you see, hear and sense from the Wise Being….

The Wise Being may have something to tell you besides what you have asked – a special message for you. If you are willing to receive it, tell the Wise Being that this is so, and wait for a response.

Turn now and look at any issue in your life or work, with the Wise Being beside you.

Allow yourself to see the situation as the Wise Being sees it.

Perhaps you want to make a choice about your role in this situation, about how do you want to be, or what you want to do.

Tell the Wise Being about your choice

Now imagine yourself carrying out your choice or action, notice how you behave and feel. And, how others respond to you.

Imagine yourself calling upon the wisdom and love of the Wise Being to help you sustain your choice and action.

Experience this wisdom, support and guidance. Be with it. Feel it in your body in your heart and in your mind.

Now it is time to take leave of the Wise Being, knowing you can return at any time to find guidance and strength, and the Wise Being will be there for you.

When you are ready, open your eyes and take time to make some notes and/or draw about your experience.