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Guided Imagery: Future Vision and Purpose in Work

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Future Vision and Purpose: Accessing your Creative Imagination


There are many ways to activate and access your creative imagination as a source of wisdom and insight. One of the most powerful methods is through visualization and guided imagery.

This Guided Imagery exercise will facilitate your access to your creative imagination and your intuition.

Before you Begin

  • Find a place where you can be relaxed and uninterrupted.
  • Be sure to have some paper, writing implement and/or drawing materials.
  • Turn off your phone…and create a “do not disturb” attitude and/or steps to protect your space.
  • Some people find a darkened room or lighting a candle, finding a soothing scent or burning some incense contributes to a sense of relaxation… but none of these are necessary.
  • Find a comfortable place to sit or rest and relax.
  • In this relaxed space, give yourself permission and the intention to invite your imagination to enter and inform your process.

Once you are ready you can use these instructions and/or the audio to guide your journey of imagination.


 You can be sitting or lying down.

Let your eyes close, and allow yourself to take some slow gentle breaths.

Inhale slowly and gently exhale.

Allow your breath to enter gently, but deeply. Hold your breath for a moment and then gently and fully exhale…take three or four breaths…slowly inhaling, gently exhaling.

Breathe in to welcome your imagination; breathe out tension, stress and worry.

Connect with your breath and begin to notice what sensations you may be feeling in your body.

Notice your belly and your chest rising and expanding with your breath; contracting and falling, with your exhale.

Notice your body against your chair or at your resting place; you may begin to feel some tingling in your fingers or toes or arms or other parts of your body. Allow this gentle energy sensation to radiate through your entire body, melting away any worry or stress.

Allow the sensation of warm energy to run from your fingers up your arms, into your shoulders and throughout your body – continue to gently inhale and exhale – in and out.

Now that you feel completely relaxed, allow yourself to imagine that you are in some time in the future – it can be a year from now, two years from now, five years…whatever feels right for you

Place yourself in a time where you can take the opportunity to experience the success and abundance of your life and work at some point in this future and allow yourself to be in the place where you will be doing your work.

Look around and see the space where you turn your dreams, your purpose, and the best of yourself into reality; the place where you pursue your passion and where you make a difference.

Notice what is all around you. Look and take in your workplace environment in this future:

  • What is this workplace like?
  • Is it large and expensive? Small and intimate?
  • What colors, materials, textures and smells surround you?
  • What is the energy like? Gentle, serene or exciting and stimulating? Grounding? Uplifting?

Notice the details – what are the furnishings and items that surround you in this space of work and purpose?

Now go to a specific place in this workspace…it could be anywhere or anything that catches your attention, notice is it:

  • Inside or outside; a table or chair; a place where you do particular types of work or use different types of equipment or tools; or engage in types of activities.

Notice and visualize wherever it is in the spot that you’re drawn to:

  • What it is that engages you about this spot?
  • What does this specific place tell you about your work and the role you play in it?

Now take a look around and notice if you are you alone or if there are there other people with you.

  • Are there colleagues, coworkers, family, friends, customers, partners or others around you?
  • If you are alone how do you experience the ways you bring your work into the world and with or for others?

Whether alone or with others:

  • Who are the people you touch directly or indirectly through your work?
  • What is meaningful about this work and workplace?
  • What is comforting? What is interesting?

Allow yourself to connect with what brings you the most fulfillment; the most satisfaction and joy in your work in this future.

  • What do you truly enjoy about your work?
  • What values are you honoring in your work? What skills and talents are you using?
  • What are you learning and what legacy are you leaving?

Imagine that your work is so successful that it’s overflowing with abundance you were earning money easily and it is effortless. You are doing what you love and are surrounded by all the wealth you need.

  • What do you notice about this wealth and abundance in your work in this future?
  • What do you enjoy spending your abundance on?

In addition to your financial success you have also achieved goals and dreams. You experience a sense of living in purpose.

  • What successes and milestones have you celebrated in either in your work or in your life?
  • What recognition have you received?
  • What is new or different about what you were doing in your work?

Fully allow yourself to take in the full experience of living and breathing in this work in your future.

Know that it is a reflection of who you are; a representation of your values, your voice, and your vision.

Take another look around this very special place and notice any special details that you want to make sure you remember.

And as you get ready to say goodbye, at least for now, know that you can come back and visit anytime you wish.

In a few moments we’ll count back from 3 to 1… at the count of one you will return to the present relaxed and awake.

Three – you are beginning to come back now, noticing your breathing and becoming more awake and alive;

Two – wiggle your fingers and toes and gently move your body – feel the temperature of the air against your skin and continue to notice your breath.

One – open your eyes and feel totally awake and renewed.

Write down or draw your experience.


  • What happened in your visualization? What did you see? What symbols or items stand out?
  • What has meaning for you?
  • Write down as much detail as you can remember images; colors; mood; words; ideas; thoughts; emotions…
  • Talk through your visualization with someone – a friend or coach
  • Allow yourself to imagine what else is possible from the information your vision has provided you…perhaps some or all of it may not seem to make sense or be feasible… just remember this is information from your imagination to consider and explore.