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Are you at a lifework transition point, wanting to re-evaluate, refine and review your  career path?

Are there multiple changes occurring in your lifework, in the realm of relationships, values, goals, lifestyle and personal/professional growth priorities?

Are experiencing a sense of “calling” but are feeling stuck, uncertain about next steps and/or having trouble silencing the “noise” to hear your own voice?

Are you ready to do some discovery to create a vision and plan to succeed at realizing the very best of yourself in life and work?

FAQ Career Counselor and Career Coach, Career Planning Services:

These are some of the FAQs about our career counselor, career coach and career planning services – please contact us by phone: 415 999-9643  or email:,  if you have any additional questions or would like to set up an appointment.


Who are our clients?

Our clients include:

  • Career professionals wanting to take a personal/professional inventory to help re-vision their next step in life and work.
  • Individuals readying to re-enter the world of work, after a time-out of the workforce.
  • People wanting to engage in work that makes a positive impact – where they can make a difference.
  • Professionals who have retired from one career path and are wanting to explore an “encore career” or “second act”.
  • Men and woman who want to develop their professional identity – or “brand” – and create a successful career development strategy.
  • About to enter or in the space between or after a life decade, turning: 30, 40, 50, 60…
  • Women seeking a new beginning after separation or divorce.
  • Career changers wanting to move from one sector or industry to another.
  • Stay-at-home moms and dads wanting to create a livelihood while maintaining the flexibility to care for their family.
  • Students and new grads embarking on their career path.
  • “Solopreneurs”: creative and/or helping professionals wanting to craft a unique value proposition for their services.
  • People with an idea or dream to create their own work or venture.
  • Creatives seeking support in realizing their goals on beginning, completing and/or bringing their projects to market.

How many sessions?

We are often asked, How many sessions will I need?

As we work together the coaching relationship will evolve according to your progress and goals. Because you are an individual with your own unique short, mid and long term goals, we work with you to develop an approach and plan that best meets your timeline and budget.

While career exploration, planning and action is a process with specific, concrete steps, it can take time.

  • Some people find assessments, done in the context of a workshop or one-on-one meeting is all they need to affirm and move forward with their plans.
  • Others, want to engage in a fuller career exploration process, with regularly scheduled meetings, once or twice a month, as they assess and identify goals and then engage in actions steps.

We develop long-term relationships with many of our clients, who may choose to work with us around a full range of lifework integration themes, either on an regular, ongoing basis, or as changes and transition in their life and career may require.


What are the elements of a career counseling, life-work coaching process?

Depending on your needs and interests we work together to create a plan that can include any or all of the following:

  • Career and life-work assessments.
  • One-on-one career counseling or career coaching sessions – in person or by phone/online.
  • Small group workshops and coaching programs.
  • Ongoing email and phone support and follow-up.

Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to realize an expanded sense of self, with a focus on personal strengths and the motivation to realize your true potential.

Throughout the process we engage in ongoing reflection, assessment, goal-setting and action.

We work with clients in person, in small groups and online, email and phone.

Your Short term Needs and Long term Goals

We have many clients who work with their counselor-coach on a long-term basis in order to continue ongoing professional and personal growth and development.

Others will see us for a workshop or a session or two and experience a readiness to move forward on their own.

Because each client is on their own unique journey, the work and number of sessions each person needs, will vary.

Frequency of contact can range from weekly to monthly and can vary with your needs and goals.



How to begin?

Our work together ideally begins with a preliminary phone conversation: a complimentary 10 -15  minute introduction to learn more about you, answer your questions about the career exploration/planning process and determine your next best steps.

This is followed by either a formal meeting/or phone/online session to explore where you are, where you have been and where you might want to go in your life and work. This meeting will offer us the opportunity to prepare and plan a program for moving forward.

Sometimes our clients prefer to engage in a group process – for assessment, learning and support – through participation in one of our on-site or online workshops/programs.

Check out our workshop calendar for upcoming assessment programs offered at Life + Work and Bay Area Career Center.


Where do we meet?

We work in person with clients at our San Francisco office, conveniently located close to a variety of parking options and accessible by mass transit: BART & Muni. Throughout the year, we offer special workshop events and one-on-one client meetings, by appointment, in New York.

We also work by telephone, email and online and have clients all over the world, with whom we work one-on-one as well as provide customized workshops and training in the US, Canada and Europe.


Our Counseling-Coaching Fees and Workshop Tuition:

Contact us for our fee schedules.

We are able to accept cheques, credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.


Let us guide your journey and help you find the motivation and courage to discover and craft

your own, unique path, one step at a time.