Guiding Career Transition

Career Counseling, Career Coaching

Career Counseling, Career Coaching

While there can be some similarity and overlap between Career Counseling & Career Coaching, there are also some distinct differences.

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Career Counseling

Career Coaching

Counseling helps you identify & explore key influences and themes in life and work; Coaching focuses on actions and outcomes.

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Career Counseling / Career Coaching and Clinical Expertise

At Life + Work, we combine graduate degrees in counseling and clinical practice with post-graduate specializations in career development. Our strong clinical backgrounds allow us to support our clients in assessing strengths, identifying  barriers and developing strategies to move forward discovering possibilities and realizing success.


Specialized Knowledge

Our career development credentials provide us the specialized knowledge and experience to expertly guide your career discovery and planning process. In a career counseling process we are able to assess your personality, skills, interests and values using a variety of assessment tools.


Strengths Based Assessments

We are certified providers of the MBTI®, Strong Interest Inventory®, FIRO-B™, TKI and a variety of Skills and Values assessments to facilitate your identification of  the core professional/personal qualities, attitudes, characteristics that provide the foundation for finding your best work and building a satisfying life.


Your Life + Work: Themes & Dreams

Career counseling considers the larger questions about your life and work; your motivations, your challenges.  We take into account the “big picture” and understand the importance of family and relationship dynamics.  We spend time looking back at influences, themes, and patterns in your life, and work with you through the internal process of transition: facilitating your process as you determine what you want to leave behind and what you want to take along on your next steps forward.


Life-Work Integration Coaching


Planning & Action

Our approach to coaching is action and outcome focused.  We work with you to identify and prioritize what is important and plan the steps to take to get you where you want to be. Life-work integration coaching is about how to bring the elements of your life together into a coherent whole – creating a life that works.


Strategies for Success

Coaching can also include problem-solving around how to overcome barriers and how to apply your strengths to realize your goals moving forward. We can help you develop techniques and utilize tools for expanding your creative and entrepreneurial potential, as well as incorporating the mindset and habits that will maximize your professional effectiveness.


Client Focused

At Life + Work, we tailor our approach based on your immediate priorities, as well as exploring where you are now in the context of where you have been. While our focus is on your livelihood, we are prepared to address whatever you need to make progress in discovering, creating and succeeding with your life-work goals.  It is not unusual for us to integrate both counseling and coaching approaches in the course of a session and this is where our skill and experience can serve you best.


Career Counseling, Career Coaching & Psychotherapy

Career counseling and life-work coaching are not substitutes for psychotherapy.  

While we may identify and reflect upon important life themes in our work together, we do not provide the extended process and deeper healing work that occurs in psychotherapy or analysis.

We are able to offer cognitive tools and techniques for dealing with work-life challenges and can work collaboratively, when appropriate, with a clients’ psychotherapist, psychologist, analyst, physician or other health care provider.